Schuyler Reidel

About Info

   I am the Founder of and the Managing Attorney at Reidel Law Firm besides being a founder and active member of FriendlyAquaponics. I helped bring together the new FriendlyAquaponics team with a vision to innovate aquaponics from its academic and hobbyist background and bring into the 21st century as industrialized agriculture. I truly believe that industrialized aquaponics will be the future for food production and the only way to sustainably feed the world. I acquired FriendlyAquaponics to put the resources behind it to do just that.

    I split my residence currently between Texas and Panama but I am often traveling to attend various business events and assist clients around the world from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Zambia to Indonesia. Reach out if I can be of assistance anytime!