Sustainably Feeding the World

Revolutionizing Food Production with Industrialized Aquaponics

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Feeding the World Sustainably

    Welcome to FriendlyAquaponics, where we are reimagining the future of food production. FriendlyAquaponics has been dedicated to advancing the aquaponics industry and now, we’re pushing the envelope even further with our cutting-edge automated and industrialized aquaponics systems.

    The world is facing pressing food production challenges. Over-farming, resource depletion, and the relentless demand for more food. But, there’s a sustainable solution – aquaponics. It uses less water, less space, and significantly less energy than conventional farming and promises greater yields than the current industrialized and resource intense methods.
    At FriendlyAquaponics, we don’t just talk about these solutions, we implement them. We’re pioneering the automation of aquaponics systems. With our smart technology, we’re ensuring optimal growth conditions, reducing labor needs, and increasing productivity. We’re taking aquaponics to an industrial scale, with large-scale production and year-round farming.
    At FriendlyAquaponics, our vision is clear. We see a world where sustainable food production is the norm, not the exception. And we’re tirelessly innovating to make that a reality.

How We Are Creating Solutions

Smart Technology

    With our smart technology, we’re reducing labor needs and increasing productivity. Through real-time data monitoring our systems track water quality, nutrient levels, pH balance, oxygen content, and other critical metrics for your aquaponics farm. This ensures that plants and fish are in their optimal environment and producing the best yields.


    Our cutting edge automations allow for the efficient scaling of aquaponics systems. FriendlyAquaponics automated systems can be designed to manage large-scale operations. Automated controls can maintain the perfect conditions for plants and fish, adjusting water flow, nutrients, pH levels, and temperature as needed. Automation reduces the need for constant human intervention, thereby significantly lowering labor costs.

Industrial Scale

    FriendlyAquaponics is taking aquaponics to an industrial scale, with large-scale production and year-round farming. Our industrialized farms will employ the latest in agricultural machinery – from automated harvesting tools to precision planting equipment.


Central Control Facility

    Behind all this machinery and infrastructure is a dedicated team of experts. From agronomists to engineers, every individual plays a part in ensuring the system works like a well-oiled machine, optimizing production and reducing waste. Our FriendlyAquaponics central control facility will be staffed 24/7 with experts to keep our client’s facilities and harvests at optimal efficiency year round.

Planting Automations

     Planting automation stands at the forefront of our innovations. State-of-the-art automated planting systems will allow seeds to be planted with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring  robust growth. Automated planting facilitates an exponential increase crop output without the proportional increase in labor. Integrated sensors will continuously monitor the growth progress of our plants, adjusting the planting automation for future cycles to ensure consistent and high-quality yields.

Assembly Line Growth & Harvesting

    Game-changing assembly line growth processes and advanced harvesting techniques, must be tailored for the aquaponics of the future. Assembly line methodologies, allow every plant and fish in the system to receive consistent care, nutrition, and environment, resulting in uniform growth and quality. Our synchronized growth stages will create a crop ready for harvest, ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce and fish for our customers.


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Our Current Facilities

Our premier research and development facility.
Facility for testing our hybrid and consumer systems.
Our facility for testing our consumer and at-home systems.

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