Paul Venable

About Info

   Farming must be in my blood.  Even though I grew up as a city boy, the legacy of growing food was imbedded in my family.  With parents who grew up during the Depression, farming in both sides of my family is what kept my forbears thriving during those challenges times.  I was fascinated early by the growth of plants, and raised many animals as well.

   While most of our married life, my wife and I have been city dwellers, we have always had a garden from which we could put food on our table.  That garden increased in size dramatically during the five years we traded indoor space for outdoor space.

   My background has been in Information Technology from which I've retired with nearly forty years experience in the field.  Our personal direction now is on the free market and food security through backyard food production while at the same time enhancing our ability to apply advanced techologies to help feed the world.

   While we look forward to year round food production with Friendly Aquaponics, we look forward to sharing this journey with you.