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Feeding the World Sustainably

    Welcome to FriendlyAquaponics, where we are reimagining the future of food production. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to advancing the aquaponics industry and now, we’re pushing the envelope even further with our development of cutting-edge automated and industrialized aquaponics systems.

   The world is facing pressing food production challenges, including over-farming, resource depletion, and the relentless demand for more food. But, there’s a sustainable solution – aquaponics. It uses less water, less space, and significantly less energy than conventional farming and promises greater yields over the current industrialized and resource intense methods.

    At FriendlyAquaponics, we’re implement them. We’re pioneering the automation of aquaponics systems. With smart technology, we can ensure optimal growth conditions, reduce labor needs, and increase productivity. We’re taking aquaponics to an industrial scale, with large-scale production and year-round farming.

    At FriendlyAquaponics, our vision is clear. We see a world where sustainable food production is the norm, not the exception. And we’re tirelessly innovating to make that a reality.


FriendlyAquaponics is a pioneering company that consults on and develops industrialized aquaponics farms globally. We emphasize automating and streamlining aquaponics processes, aiming to revolutionize food production for a sustainable future.

FriendlyAquaponics is developing automated precision planting and harvesting techniques for the efficient production of plants fish.

Automation is crucial because it allows for scalability and efficiency, ensuring consistent, high-quality yields. It also reduces labor costs, maximizes precision, conserves resources, and makes aquaponics more accessible and educational. At FriendlyAquaponics, our advanced planting automations and assembly line growth processes are just some ways we incorporate automation.

Industrialization allows for mass production of food, efficient use of space and resources, job creation, standardization, climate resilience, reduced strain on traditional farming methods, and improved food security and nutrition. It transforms aquaponics from a niche solution into a mainstream, globally impactful approach to sustainable agriculture.

Absolutely. One of the benefits of our system’s industrialization and automation is its replicability. Our designs can be adapted and implemented in various regions, empowering communities globally to benefit from sustainable food production.

Reach out to us through our contact page! Whether you’re looking for consulting, system design, or just want to learn more about our innovations, we’re here to help.

    Staying true to our roots, we recognize and appreciate the importance of the individual’s right to self-sufficiency. The ability to grow our own food meets a natural need for all of us. As we develop new and advanced techniques for food production will be sharing these same techniques with you, the backyard farmer who we continue to champion and support.


Our Expert Team

Director, Custodian of FriendlyAquaponics

Operations Director, Steward of Indonesia Facility

Partner, Missouri Facility Leader

Partner, Steward of DIY Community Projects

Partner, Texas Facility Leader

Indonesia Facility Head, Lead Engineer


How We Are Creating Solutions

Smart Technology

    With our smart technology, we’re reducing labor needs and increasing productivity. Through real-time data monitoring our systems track water quality, nutrient levels, pH balance, oxygen content, and other critical metrics for your aquaponics farm. This ensures that plants and fish are in their optimal environment and producing the best yields.


    Our cutting edge automations allows for the efficient scaling of aquaponics systems. FriendlyAquaponics automated systems can be designed to manage large-scale operations. Automated controls can maintain the perfect conditions for plants and fish, adjusting water flow, nutrients, pH levels, and temperature as needed. Automation reduces the need for constant human intervention, thereby significantly lowering labor costs.

Industrial Scale

    FriendlyAquaponics is taking aquaponics to an industrial scale, with large-scale production and year-round farming. Our industrialized farms will employ the latest in agricultural machinery – from automated harvesting tools to precision planting equipment. Our FriendlyAquaponics central control facility will be staffed 27/4 with experts to keep our client’s facilities and harvests at optimal efficiency year round.